Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Excited For Christmas!!

 The wait is almost over! Just three more days until Christmas! I can't wait to spend it with my hubby and my daughter and the rest of my family and friends :) I'm finished with all my shopping and crafting and most of my wrapping too. Now I'm just waiting for UPS to do the rest. I'm praying that some last minute items arrive before the holiday!

I'm excited for Christmas Eve at my mom's house and Christmas morning with my hubby and Little P. I'm looking forward to Christmas day at my in-laws and Christmas evening with my Dad and little sis :) We also have dinner plans this Thursday with some friends from out of town and plans with my big sis and her family early in January. It's going to be great. There is just nothing like this time of year. I can't wait to share some pictures with you! No doubt there will be tons :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a safe and happy holiday!!