Friday, January 14, 2011

My Goofy Girl :)

How many different structures can you build with 49 blocks? We're not sure but we're bound to find out soon! Peanut got this wooden set for Christmas and she and her "Da" have been busy building ever since. 

While "Da" does most of the design work, P loves to help by handing him blocks and making little stacks of her own. Although, her favorite part is probably placing the people. She really gets a kick out of that! And knocking things down is always great fun for her too!

  It's neat seeing all the different designs. This one is one of my faves. This one is supposed to be some type of jail. Two of the people are trapped inside the bars.
This last one here is actually one of mine. I am quite proud of it. I made it while Little P was napping so she didn't place the people for me :( She helped me knock it down when it was time for clean up though :) Oh how I love my destructive little toddler!!

Lastly, here is a random photo of my goofy girl "hiding out" in our kitchen cupboard. Ever since we cleared it out she's been climbing in and out like a little monkey. She is always doing the silliest things. I seriously cannot get enough of her :)

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