Monday, October 3, 2011

K is for Kleenex (Lame, I know but read on!)

Letter of the week

Kleenex Ghosts

The letter of the week is "K". This was a bit of a challenge for me. Not because I couldn't think of words that start with "K" but because I wanted to do something for Halloween. It's officially October, after all :) I wanted to make something festive and spooky and so the Kleenex ghost was born!!

Nora really HATED this idea. She kept tearing the tissue off of the clothespins and saying "NO Mommy, better craft!" And here I thought I was being creative. But she was eventually won over when she learned that ghosts can fly and that they make "WOOOOOOOOHHHHH" sounds. Kids seriously crack me up!

We also tried a new exercise. Instead of me teaching Nora words that start with "K", we did a letter hunt. It went over pretty well. Nora had fun helping circle the letters.

I also had time this past weekend to finish up this hat for Claire. It really turned out great and she looks super adorable wearing it. I'll be sure to post a picture of that soon :)

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