Monday, December 26, 2011

"N" is for Natural Dyes

This week we are learning all about the letter "N". I actually had a few different ideas in mind for this week's activity/craft. However, my younger sis gets credit for suggesting this one. Once she told me about it I just knew we had to try it out. Using only blackberries, water and salt we made our own natural dye. It was super fun and totally easy. We just followed the instructions here: Free People Bldg 25 Blog

I have to confess, Nora didn't take too much interest in this project. She was too busy with her play dough at the time. I'll likely try this out again with her. Maybe we'll try using some kale or the onions. We've got some plain white socks and burp cloths that could use a bit of color :)

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