Friday, April 29, 2011

Amazing "A,a" & Beautiful "B,b"

My big sis is really great w/ kids and has two adorable ones of her own. In addition to being a s.a.h.m. for them, she also watches other kiddos during the week and does tons of cool stuff with them. She creates lesson plans and thinks up lots of really neat activities and crafts. So she definitely gets credit for inspiring me to do the same with my daughter!! I started out by making up a lesson plan of my very own:


I.                  LETTERS
A.    Monday
1.       Letter Bag
a.      Ask Peanut to identify objects that start with letter of the week
B.     Tuesday
1.       Letter-Themed Coloring Pages
a.      Ask Peanut to color pages featuring pictures that start with letter of the week
C.     Wednesday
1.       Letter-Themed Recipes or Food
a.      Make meals and snacks that start with letter of the week
D.    Thursday
1.       Letter-Themed Crafts
a.      Make crafts with Peanut that feature letter of the week
E.     Friday
1.       Letter-Themed Story or Book
a.      Read story or book with title featuring letter of the week
2.     Review

And then, I implemented it! So far it's been working out great. It really adds structure to the week and Little P is having a ton of fun learning her letters :) Here's what we've accomplished so far:


Letter Bag: Plastic "A", toy antelope, Altoids box, Ace of clubs, Abby keychain,"A" letter card
Letter Craft: Alphabet Soup, Supplies: Foam paper (2 sheets in different colors, foam stickers, scissors, glue

Letter Bag: bread, broccoli, banana, ball, bubbles, brush, bow, bracelet, "B" letter cards
Letter Craft: Buggy Bookmarks, Supplies: bookmark card stock, rubber stamp, ink, yarn, pen, scissors, tape

As I said, I am really loving this and can't wait to continue these lesson plans! I'll be sure to keep you posted in the weeks to come with all of our letter-themed activities :)

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