Saturday, May 7, 2011

Captivating "C"

Last weeks letter was the letter "C". Peanut and I had lots of fun with this one! We identified items in our letter bag and colored pictures of chipmunks. We made a collage featuring things that begin with "C" and watched Cookie Monster sing "C is for Cookie" about a gazillion times. It was great :) But now it's time to say "C" ya to last week's letter!! We're moving on to the letter "D"! I've got a lot of fun things planned for next week. Be sure to check it out!!

C is for: car, cougar, clip, cheese, c.d., coaster, computer & cat

C is for: chocolate, carrots & cow


  1. This is such a fab idea, Im trying to teach my 3 year old the alphabet and I think you've hit on a fun way of doing it! Mind if I pinch!! x

  2. Thanks so much :) I don't mind at all if you try this with your little one. Have fun with it!!

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