Thursday, June 2, 2011

"F" is for Fishing

First and foremost, please excuse the fact that my daughter is in her pj's in all of these shots. Craft time happened to take place before bath time today :) I just got so excited for us to do this activity together!!

I found this idea in a craft book entitled, Sticky Little Fingers: Rainy Day Activity Book. It's really clever and simple too! We just cut out some fish shapes from construction paper, decorated them and put metal paper clips on the front. Then we make a fishing pole by stringing a magnet to the end of a stick.

After that, it was fishing time :) I made a little "pond" by covering our laundry basket with a blue blanket. Then Peanut got to try her hand at fishing!

She caught one or two with the magnet, then decided she'd rather use her hands, lol! Afterward, she lined them all up, just in order to...

toss them all back into the pond, and to take a little swim herself :)

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