Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Girl Bed!!

Well, Nick and I finally decided to get Nora into a big girl bed! About time, I know!! With the baby arriving in a month (or less!) it's definitely time to get the crib prepped for our new addition. Nick and I both had some reservations about this. Mainly, we were worried that Nora would be upset to lose her crib but we were also concerned that she would start climbing out of bed and playing in her room vs. sleeping like she should!

Regardless, we needed to make the switch and deal with the consequences. Better now then later, after all! As it turns out, Nora was slightly upset (although mostly curious) about Daddy taking down her crib but not half as upset as me! For some reason, it really bugged me to see that little crib come down. I just kept thinking about tiny baby Nora sleeping in there with her little froggy mobile. I remember peeking through the bars to check on her when she was just an infant. I remember the first time I caught her standing up in her crib and a bit later, when she started trying to climb out (thank God she never actually did!!)

But no matter how much my heart was breaking, it was time to make the change. So the little crib came down and was replaced by the big girl bed. As it turns out Nora was thrilled. She forgot all about the crib and started jumping up and down on her new bed. And all our fears about her climbing out of bed were quelled. She sleeps just as well as she did before! It just goes to show how much we sometimes underestimate our kids and how capable and adaptive they really are!!

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