Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remembering Grandma Louise

Out for Lunch w/ the Grandmas :)
Great Grandma Louise Holding Baby Claire
Nora Dancing with Great Gma Louise

Last month one of my favorite people passed away. It's hard to think of her without feeling a twinge of sadness but it's also hard to think of her without smiling a bit too. She left so many great memories behind :.) She was truly exceptional! Despite being 91 she worked, danced at weddings, drove a car and smiled a LOT!!  She'd give up her seat for you, send a card if you were feeling down and would make you laugh out loud doing something goofy and off the wall. 

Grandma Louise, I miss you so much. But I know you well enough to know you wouldn't want me making such a fuss. So...I'll keep this short and sweet. There's no one like you and there never will be. I'll miss your sweet potatoes and your smiles and the way you rocked my kids to sleep. You are truly inspirational. I hope to one day be half as amazing as you!! Love you always!!

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