Friday, May 25, 2012

Neon Neutral Afghans

I can finally put the big project basket away. My neutral/neon afghans are done. Here they are, united at last...for a little while anyhow. The lemongrass/grey will be leaving here soon but the aqua/neutral is here to stay :) I really love the way these blankets compliment one another. Breaking them up seems a bit tragic. But my little niece is getting one since I made it with her in mind. And I can always stitch up another...when I'm in the mood for a big project once again.

I'm back to writing new patterns for my shop. It's been frustrating and slow. I untangled four balls of yarn this week before I could even begin. Plus my online color choices proved disastrous when they were delivered and placed in natural light. I'm trying to make the best of it though. I've still got lots of fun ideas. I've got to work extra hard if I want to make them a reality. With a little luck and some free time to spare I'll hopefully be listing them soon!

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