Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tinker's Creek

Last weekend N and I went to a new spot in the Metroparks. Well, it was new to me, not to N. He grew up around these woods so he knows them quite well. We had to trek up fairly high just to get to this spot but it was worth it for all the beautiful sights. There were loads of wide open spaces with little sprays of wildflowers. There were fields of tall grass with free standing ponds in the middle of them. There were odd little patches of broken concrete and an abandoned fire hydrant as well. Someone left behind a shelter and N and I had fun crawling and sitting inside. Everything about the place seemed secluded and abandoned, yet it was teeming with beauty and life. It was unlike any other place I've been and it's a place that I won't soon forget. I love treks like these w/ my husband <3

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