Monday, November 1, 2010

Highlights from Halloween

Okay, Facebook is being uncooperative so I'm posting some photos here first. 


Little P absolutely loved Trick-or-Treat, much more than I ever imagined she would!

Her costume was a bit bulky and awkward and she took a spill early on in the night. She recovered quickly though and was running from house to house in no time. The grandparents had a hard time keeping up.

She loved holding Daddy's hand but after a while didn't want to wait up for him either. 

Toward the end Mommy had to carry her though or she wanted to ride with Gammy in the wheelchair. She was also really eager to get at all the candy. She reached right in and grabbed it out of the bowls. It was great!

All in all she made it one and a half blocks. It was definitely a Halloween success :)

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  1. glad she had so much fun..sounds just like Soph! But, OMG..why is your mom in a wheel chair???? I hope she is ok???? Cant wait to see you soon! xo