Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I Love About Peanut

Her eyelashes
Her voice
Her willfulness
Her laugh
The way she gives hugs and kisses
The way she loves Minty and "Elmo" and "Gabba"
The way she loves her dada and mama
The way she loves "nannas" and "puffs"
The way she runs
The way she brings me books and climbs into my lap
The way she loves her sunglasses
The way she dances
The way she sleeps
The way she makes me feel, so lucky and full of love :)


  1. it...and she has Soph's outfit on ;)xoxo

  2. Awww, thanks Amy! The outfit is a perfect fit. Thanks again for gifting it :)

  3. Personally i love the fish face!
    I love my little neice, i'm so glad she's obessed with me right back!

  4. The fish face is great. Nora is lucky to have you for an aunt :)