Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to Columbus

 Today we headed south to Columbus to visit my big sis and her fam :) We were planning on going to COSI but we arrived off schedule and decided to hang out at their house instead.

 Peanut couldn't have been happier since her cousins have a swing set in their yard! She was also thrilled to find a soccer ball and sufficient space to run around.
She absolutely loved playing dress up with her aunt and cousin. The guys, on the other had, seemed content with their video games.

All in all we had a great visit but as always I left feeling a bit sad that we don't live closer together :( On a happy note the holidays are just around the corner and we're planning another gathering around Christmas time :)


  1. aww..Sarah, me too ;(..I hate that I have NO family around...but like I told you, I know our kiddos will be close no matter how many miles are between us....we'll make it happen ;) Now lets plan our xmas bash together...;)

  2. I told my mom about our December get together. She is going to text you about it :)