Friday, May 20, 2011

A Short Break

Aaah! What a lazy week it has been. There must be something in the air (germs, maybe?). It seems that Peanut, her daddy and I have all taken our turns being sick. So...we decided to take a break from our letter lessons for some much needed time to recover and review!

I found this great teaching tool at Borders last Saturday, a set of alphabet flash cards! It really came in handy this week. The cards have pictures on one side and letters on the other. But the coolest thing of all is that it comes with a dry erase marker so kids can practice tracing their letters.

Little P had a blast with the marker!! She didn't show much interest in tracing (as you can see, ha ha!) but she did attempt to write her OWN letters which I thought was pretty neat :)

So this week turned out to be somewhat productive after all. And most importantly, we're all feeling better now!!

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