Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Aunt Ever

Today Aunt Jo-Jo came over to take Nora on an extra special birthday outing. Claire and I desperately wanted to get out too so we decided to tag along. Can you guess where we went? That's right, Build-A-Bear. But instead of a bear, Nora decided to make a penguin :) I was so sure she was going to make a chick (since she picked that one out on the website prior to going) but with the penguin it was love at first sight. So she stuffed him, bathed him and named him (Oh is his name, ha ha ha) and has loved him ever since. But what she loved even more was spending time with aunt Jo-Jo. She is so lucky to have such an awesome auntie (and I'm super lucky to have such an awesome sister) <3 It was great spending the afternoon together.

Ps: Did you notice little Claire in the rent-a-stroller? She had so much fun in that thing! I kept cracking up looking at her b/c she was steering it like a pro. Oh my kiddos just crack me up! They make my life worth living times a million :)

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