Friday, June 15, 2012

T is for T-Rex

T is for T-Rex! We're big fans around here. We've got quite the growing collection. When I started brainstorming for words that begin with the letter T, I had a hunch that Little P might like this one :) I found a finger puppet template HERE and used it to trace the image on some foam. (The paper I printed it on was flimsy. Trust me, it was just waiting to tear). Then I cut it out and let P have at it! She really liked her new T-Rex friend but didn't like the feeling of the foam around her fingers. So I made another version, this time with some legs and a stick. P seemed to like that one much better!

One drawback about this activity is that I ended up making it myself. I will probably save the template so P at least has something to color. We will probably do some letter tracing again too to work on fine motor skills together.

We also tried out our new discovery bottle. It was loads of fun. It ended up being the perfect tool for letter recognition. I just wish I would have found this out sooner. I got the idea from a new blog I found. It's called, Modern Parents Messy Kids. You can find the directions for the bottles by clicking HERE. They've got loads of other craft ideas as well. I'll likely be making some more bottles soon. C and P both seem to love them :)

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